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Tempered glass for all enclosures

Alleviate your safety concerns by getting an enclosure made of strictly tempered glass. Made tougher than standard glass, you will never have to worry about your enclosure breaking. We use 3/8" to 1/2" cuts.

Bathe in beauty with a new glass shower enclosure

Enjoy smooth rolling bypass doors

Improve your bathroom's look and functionality with a gorgeous glass enclosure for your shower or bath tub. We can help your bathroom achieve the look you have always wanted by counting on us to enhance your bathing enclosure.

Bypass doors are very popular for tub and shower enclosures. Our tempered glass will fit perfectly into the sliding tracks, giving you easy access to your bathing area.

Call us today for  an estimate for your glass enclosure project.



Framed or frameless?

A frameless shower is high end and gives home owners a chic all-glass look for their bathroom enclosure.

Framed glass showers have finish on the frames that can be used to accent your bathroom. We are experienced in doing both!

a bathroom with glass shower enclosure, a mirror and sink